What I do:

I transcreate English into Spanish, write Spanish lifestyle content and repurpose content to social media.

I specialize in the transcreation of branding materials and the use of literary techniques, like storytelling, to create memorable content for your brand.

What readers take away:

Your message as part of their story.

Lo que hago:

Traduzco copy para branding, redacto contenido lifestyle y adapto contenido para las redes sociales.

Me especializo en la redacción publicitaria. Empleo técnicas y elementos de la redacción periodística y literaria para crear contenidos que se quedarán en la memoria de tus lectores.

Lo que el lector se lleva:

Tu mensaje como parte de su historia.

And our brains love storytelling!

The brain, our ally!

A good story can produce oxytocin in our brains, and when we produce oxytocin in our brains we can show more empathy. Oxytocin motivates people to help others.
A character-driven story consistently makes our brains produce oxytocin. This hormone fosters bonding among those who share similar characteristics. This is the reason why our brains love a good story!

Y al cerebro le encantan las historias.

El cerebro, ¡nuestro aliado!

La oxitocina provoca la empatía. Y una buena historia estimula la producción de la oxitocina en el cerebro. La oxitocina es la hormona que impulsa la afinidad emocional. Es por eso que nuestro cerebro se deleita con una buena historia.

How I work:

I use journalistic and literary elements and techniques.

Journalistic writing:
Chronicle, article, interview…

Literary elements:
Plot, setting, narrative structure, characters, mood, theme, moral, narrator, dialogue, conflict…

Literary techniques:
Metaphor, simile, alliteration, hyperbole, allegory, imagery, personification…

How do you want to connect with your Spanish speaking customers?

Es la historia la que nos conecta. Deja que tu marca comparta su historia.



I describe the right actions to convey the emotions readers will embrace as part of their story.

Read an alluring introduction to a New York hotel in the Lifestyle Content page, enjoy Luisito’s character-driven story in the New Spanish Content page, learn about my transcreations in English to Spanish, and see in Content Repurposing how I repurpose content to Social Media.

With the right approach, your Spanish message can connect with customers in a meaningful way. With the right narrative, your brand can be part of their lives. Allow your Spanish transcreation and content to achieve memorability with brand storytelling. Let’s start now, and begin telling your story next week!

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