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About Me

My Experience

With 30 years of professional writing experience, I know how to engage Spanish readers using copywriting, journalism, storytelling and comedy writing techniques. In Mexico, after graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication in Guadalajara (Spanish), I wrote for Vértice Publicidad, NGA Diseño, University of Guadalajara, and CECUT among other companies. In the U.S., I have written in Spanish, translated and transcreated English into Spanish, and edited Spanish language copy for Rauxa, GALLEGOS United, Inspire Agency, Sprint, and U.S. Bank. I have extensive experience working in-house and for ad agencies in the United States and Mexico.

My Skillset

If you have English copy, I will transcreate it for your Spanish speaking market in Latin America or the U.S. If you have an idea and want Spanish content from scratch, I will write your Spanish copy and provide you with a general English translation. 

Using the right mix of professional writing techniques (copywriting, journalism, storytelling, comedy writing), I will create Spanish content that will help you engage your target audience. 

My Passions

I enjoy writing posts for my Spanish blog I feel free when writing them, because I allow myself to use poetry, prose, comedy and storytelling techniques freely. I enjoy every step of the way, from concept to final proof.

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