Spanish Writing Tips for Bilingual Creatives Communicating to U.S. Spanish Speakers

Spanish speakers living in the United States are bold and enterprising. They are familiar with change and understand mistakes. But they also appreciate good Spanish writing!

First Tip:

Don’t stop writing. Communication is more important than a comma.

Second Tip:

Spanish speakers appreciate good Spanish writing.

My approach:

Most of these tips are in Spanish because I think in Spanish, but sometimes I switch to Spanglish for flavor. I am not a language purist. I can’t be one, because language is alive. Working with the Spanish language has proven me that Spanish, particularly U.S. Spanish, is very much alive. And I absolutely love that!

So here’s my third tip:

Let us communicate with good U.S. Spanish writing!

If you have a question ask me here, I will answer it in a post.

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