Your ideal reader wants solutions you offer

Your ideal Spanish reader is already out there, searching, typing and clicking to find solutions to their problems. That’s the reason why they’re searching right now. And you can solve their problem.

Are you Spanish ready?

Your ideal reader will go through the headlines in less than 10 seconds. If no headline grabs their attention, they will move on. But if your headline answers your ideal reader’s “search”, they might click on your link —now you have your ideal reader at your site. If your ideal reader is searching for the solution you offer, your Spanish headline MUST capture their attention or they’re gone.  

Can you engage your readers so they are glued to your Spanish content?

If your content attracts your Spanish speaking readers and gives them relevant solutions, they might even browse more titles and more solutions on your site. Unless they find your content highly engaging and relevant, they will go back to their search to compare your solutions against what your competitors offer. We know what this means—pricing, perks and coupons because you were a commodity. Your message and content didn’t show how special you are; you were just one more vendor.

Will they remember you?

After leaving your site totally unimpressed, do you think your Spanish readers will remember your brand’s name? Something, or anything, in particular about your brand? Did they find something to grab onto and engage with? They didn’t, and that’s why they continued searching. Your ideal reader, the one your sales team could have converted into your ideal client, might drift away.

What if you could keep your ideal readers totally engaged with your brand, glued to your Spanish content and captivated by your message? 

Become the solution they can’t forget.

What if your Spanish readers, the ones who could be your ideal clients, fell in love with your story? What if they felt that you knew them? What if they felt that you listened? What if they felt that you cared?

Engage your Spanish readers with solutions that speak trust!

Your ideal reader wants solutions you have. Engage them with solutions that speak trust. Do it consistently. Over time, they will become the loyal readers your sales team can convert into clients.

Are you Spanish ready? Or not? You don’t need to make costly mistakes like this one.


I will engage your ideal Spanish speaking readers!

I will define your ideal reader. I will give them solutions. I will write sensory marketing to evoke emotions. I will integrate keywords they are searching for. I will focus on the right micro-moments. I will give them something to grab onto. So, when they search, they discover that only you can satisfy their needs.

With me at your side, you will be Spanish ready! With Spanish writing and marketing translation work that will glue your readers to your content.

  • Spanish native writing that resonates with your reader’s culture.
  • Tailored to your ideal reader’s reading style.
  • Highly readable (<20-words sentences, short paragraphs, sub-headlines).
  • Engaging and able to move your reader to the next sentence with closings that focus on your reader’s satisfaction.
  • Able to evoke sensations and emotions through sensory and emotional marketing writing.

With content that:

  • Communicates with your targeted ideal reader.
  • Gives solutions your ideal reader is looking for.
  • Focuses on your ideal reader’s satisfaction.
  • Will follow your Spanish writing style guide.

With communication that:

  • Reaches out to and engages your ideal readers.
  • Integrates keywords with better ranking probabilities.
  • Has relevant meta descriptions, snippets and hashtags.
  • Has the length that ranks your site higher (around 1,890 words).
  • Provides you with two articles per week for six months, with daily repurposing for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest that will help you rank higher.
  • Allows you to measure content performance with Google.

Isn’t this the opportunity your sales team has been waiting for? 

After six months, you’ll enjoy the results of having a steady and cohesive body of content. Over time, your inbound marketing channel will become more robust. Your sales team will have greener pastures to improve their online sales funnel. Imagine, your ideal readers becoming your loyal readers, becoming your ideal clients. Isn’t this the opportunity your sales team has been waiting for?