Direct Mail in Spanish. A communication opportunity!

DM in Spanish. Some tips!

Dear reader or estimado lector, by transcreating your Direct Mail Letter into Spanish you can expand your reach. A DM letter in Spanish could engage some of the 58.9 Hispanics living in the United States. Not bad!

We, Spanish speakers in the United States, really appreciate when a brand makes the effort to communicate with us in our native language. That alone is a plus! And if the letter considers our needs, our culture (it’s not a hybrid literal translation), we might enjoy reading it, and even feel a connection to the brand. Would you like that for your brand?

If you do, here are some Spanish writing tips for your Direct Marketing letter!

Nothing boring, please.

If you want to communicate effectively with the Spanish speaking market in the United States, stay away from boring and formal translations. Nobody wants to read a boring letter.

No bad Spanish writing, por favor.

We can overlook a typo. But we don’t want to deal with a bad sentence that we need to read twice. And don’t forget, short sentences are better than long sentences.

” is more personal than “usted”.

Nowadays, we use informal “” for almost every type of communication. The only times we use “usted” is when we write business letters or official government letters. “” is more friendly.

Ask questions.

If you ask me a question, you are giving me the opportunity to think about your brand. Open the door with a question.

Make it relevant to my familia!

We are family oriented. And when I say familia, besides mom, dad and children, I am including grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins. Gives us ideas on how to share your service or product with our loved ones.

Make it conversational y platícame.

Please, don’t talk at me. Talk to me! Give me something to remember. Something I can think about. An anecdote? A joke? A catchy phrase? A question?

And now, let’s put these tips into practice. Here’s a Direct Mail letter example in Spanish:

[Recipient’s first name], ¿cómo te gustaría consentir a tu mamá?

¿Lo has pensado? ¿Cómo te gustaría consentir a la única persona que te cuidó toda la noche? ¿A la persona que más celebró tus primeros pasos?

Hoy o mañana, dale un abrazo y comparte con ella un momento especial con nosotros, en [Store name].

Cómprale ese perfume con el cual te abraza, la blusa que sabes le encantará. Consiéntela y consiéntete con ella.

Consiéntela y consiéntete con nosotros, en [Store name].

Remember these Spanish writing tips when writing your Spanish DM letter:

Nothing boring, please.
No bad Spanish writing, por favor.
“Tú” is more personal than “usted”.
Ask questions.
Make it relevant to my Familia!
Make it conversational y platícame.

And never forget, a DM letter is a communication opportunity!

If you have a question or need help with your English into Spanish DM transcreation, I can help you! Send me your questions below.

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