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Want to learn more about the millennial Hispanic market? Listen to Latina influencers.

Although beauty care sales have declined in recent years, they haven’t declined in the Hispanic market. On the contrary, Hispanics are spending 34 percent more in beauty products than the general population (Nielsen).

Hispanic millennial women are buying beauty products. These young professionals are getting information about beauty products, tips about how to use them, inspirational comments, and engaging conversations from Hispanic social media influencers.

I got inspired by all those wonderful Latinas that share their stories, speak Spanglish and seem unstoppable, and came up with the following social media sample. It is not a message focused on the need to look beautiful, but on the need to have the beauty product that matches the uniqueness of being Latina.

What I wrote:



What readers take away from it:

Belief, freedom, direction, strength, hard work, commitment, determination, curiosity, dreams, journey, a new sense of beauty that comes from “who you are”.

All these are values beauty Latina influencers share with their followers. They are changing the game!

Literary devices I used:


Second person. By using the second person, text empowers readers.

Main character:

Active women that want a long-lasting lip color for their active lifestyles.


Informal, direct, determined.


Spanglish, with inspiring words that communicate assertiveness, direction, confidence.

Explore social media, listen to Latina influencers, read their posts. They have a lot to teach us about the millennial Hispanic market.

Download and read the report below to have more insights about this culturally influential market:

Latina 2.0: Fiscally Conscious, Culturally Influential & Familia Forward

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